How to fill a select/combobox, radiolist, checkboxlist

3 ways to fill a dropdown, radiolist or checkboxlist using java, query or a setup page for adding items

Fig. 1 of the Select

1. Java

Combo snippet
import java.util.LinkedHashMap;
import static;
LinkedHashMap<String, String> targets = new LinkedHashMap<>();
targets.put(null, gt("-- Selecionar --"));
targets.put("_self", gt("Mesma página"));
targets.put("_blank", gt("Popup"));
targets.put("_newtab", gt("New tab"));

2. SQL

Combo query fill snippet
2 example
Combo query fill snippet
view.clients.setQuery(Core.query(null,"SELECT id as ID, name as NAME")
.select(" 'id' as ID, 'designationName' as NAME ")
.select(" 'id' as ID, 'firstName' as NAME")
"SELECT '' as ID, '-- Selecionar --' as NAME union
SELECT '_self' as ID, 'Mesma contpágina' as NAME union
SELECT '_blank' as ID,'Popup' as NAME union
SELECT '_newtab' as ID, 'New tab' as NAME"));
2 example
"SELECT 'ATIVE' as ID,'Ativo' as NAME
UNION SELECT 'INATIVE' as ID,'Inativo' as NAME "),"-- Selecionar--");

3. Domain manager page

Domain manager in IGRP studio:

  1. Add domain

  2. Select the domain

  3. Edit name/value