How to fill a select/combobox, radiolist, checkboxlist

3 ways to fill a dropdown, radiolist or checkboxlist using java, query or a setup page for adding items

Fig. 1 of the Select

1. Java

Combo snippet
import java.util.LinkedHashMap;
import static;
LinkedHashMap<String, String> targets = new LinkedHashMap<>();
targets.put(null, gt("-- Selecionar --"));
targets.put("_self", gt("Mesma página"));
targets.put("_blank", gt("Popup"));
targets.put("_newtab", gt("New tab"));

2. SQL

Combo query fill snippet
2 example
view.clients.setQuery(Core.query(null,"SELECT id as ID, name as NAME")
.select(" 'id' as ID, 'designationName' as NAME ")
.select(" 'id' as ID, 'firstName' as NAME")
"SELECT '' as ID, '-- Selecionar --' as NAME union
SELECT '_self' as ID, 'Mesma contpágina' as NAME union
SELECT '_blank' as ID,'Popup' as NAME union
SELECT '_newtab' as ID, 'New tab' as NAME"));

3. Domain manager page

Domain manager in IGRP studio:

  1. Add domain

  2. Select the domain

  3. Edit name/value