How to order a list by a columm (java)

Let's imagine in a page called PartilhaGeral, that you have a List<> for type Partilhageral.Table_1

List<Partilhageral.Table_1> tablePart = new ArrayList<Partilhageral.Table_1>();

Steps to fill in you controller to order the list:

using lambda


//In import reserved area:
import java.util.Collections;
import java.util.Comparator;
//In reserved code area after the set ot tablePart list add:
Collections.sort(tablePart,new SortbyStatus());
//At the end of your controller in custom_actions area add this class:
class SortbyStatus implements Comparator<Partilha.Table_1> {
public int compare(Partilhageral.Table_1 a, Partilhageral.Table_1 b) {
return b.getEstado() - a.getEstado();